Local Resident - Cindi A.

“We are new to the area but we’ve been here for a few weeks. Things are stressful and both me and my husband are forgetting quite a bit of stuff lately. It just so happened that I was heading back out to my car from the grocery store when I noticed that I no longer had my keys! I must’ve left them somewhere in the store, so I hurried back and talk to the front guest services desk and asked if anyone had seen keys. They said no and I retraced my steps in the store but found nothing. The woman at the desk recommended me to a locksmithing business in the area. They came out to my car and opened the lock as well as started the ignition and offered to give me directions to a local Toyota dealership where I could get a new key.”

Infinity Construction Group - Robert M.

“Our construction company was working on a job were customer of ours needed a safe built into his home. Since we do not regularly employ any locksmiths, we needed to find a locksmith in the area who was professional and experienced. A quick search turned up this company, which had numerous five-star reviews online from various customers both residential and enterprise. We took the leap, deciding to trust the reviews online wholeheartedly. It seemed that there were plenty of positive reviews about the company and we needed someone who could get the job done correctly. We gave them a call, explaining our situation clearly, and then we set up a date for their technicians to come out and help us. Not only did they do the job that they were asked for, but they went a little further by suggesting safes that were even better than the ones we had researched. They also advised us on the positioning of the safe in proximity to exterior walls to improve the security.”

Local Resident - Andrew F

“We have just relocated our main offices to a new location and we needed professional locksmiths to install new security doors and locks. Someone else in the industry offered some suggestions for the best local locksmiths, and we were advised to go with this company. We could immediately tell upon first giving them a phone call that they were professionals who fully understood their trade. We felt confident in our decision to go with their company whole way through. They were efficient managers of time and they worked very hard to please us. The doors and locks were installed in only a few short days, which made the rest of the process incredibly simple. Not only were they very professional but they were also cordial and easy to talk to. They got the job done in a much faster amount of time than any other locksmiths we’ve worked with in the past, and I would personally advise any businesses or individuals looking for quality locksmithing services to turn to this company. It is always good to work with people who know what they’re talking about.”

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